Your Roadmap to Wellness

The first step on your journey to a more balanced way of living is Field’s Know Yourself Better ReportTM

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A Better Tomorrow Starts in Your BrainTM. Our Board Certified neurofeedback clinician will walk you through your personalized report, providing an overview and maps of your brain’s unique firing patterns. This window into how your brain works is of profound value in understanding your overall wellness and performance, and can often explain underlying causes of symptoms you may have, bringing clarity to your state of health. The report also provides a reading of your heart rate variability (a key indicator in determining the health of your response to the environment) as well as a suggested
roadmap to creating wellness in your brain and life, and achieving
your desired goals.


• Comprehensive intake (past medical history, psychodynamic and lifestyle assessment, neurodiagnostic evaluation)
• A symptom checklist
• Review of your goals
• Quantitative EEG analysis (qEEG)
• Initial assessment and evaluation of your EEG • A definitive diagnosis (if applicable)
• Know Yourself Better ReportTM
• Suggested treatment plan
• Live Q&A

PRICE: $795 (Mid-summer special: $250 off for a total of $545)

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