Field is holding a 7-day neuro-enhancement retreat in Costa Rica for a small group of amazing people intent on transcending any limits they've previously known. 

If that’s you, read on. 

This is the most cutting edge brain optimization available in the world.


"It's exactly what I’ve been searching for half my life. After the sessions it was total magic. I experienced things I didn’t know were possibilities; creative realms of thinking I hadn’t had before. I was more energetic and sharper."
- Yasmeen Ghauri, Former Canadian Supermodel


Your 7-day immersive experience will leave you transformed in every category that matters to you, getting you to a state of balance, wellness, enhanced relaxation, and better performance in the areas you care about most. 

The basic equation is this: 

Your Desired Outcomes
Two of the world’s leading doctors in applied neuro-enhancement

Cutting edge, FDA Approved, medical technology

Delivered in a stunning private luxury in Costa Rica

The Best You Possible


In other words: limits transcended, desired abilities enhanced, satisfaction maximized, relaxation amplified, and performance upgraded.

And yes, the Changes Are Yours To Keep 

We have hundreds of successful case studies, thousands of brains scanned, and a bulletproof methodology for getting you from where you are to where you want to be. 

"It's like a personal trainer for your brain!" - David J.

Our doctors have successfully treated various forms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders, addiction, chronic pain and more, but the focus of Field is on bringing this modality to the wellness world. Optimizing and enhancing more than treating. 

Now, the same masterful understanding of how the brain works will be used to get you to a state of balance, wellness, enhanced relaxation, and better performance in the areas you care about most. 

Since working with them I’m at the top of my game. My decision making is a lot better and I have a high level of relaxed focus. A lot of people are jacked up when they focus; I have a nice even-keel focus. I just ran through 500 people in a tournament this past Saturday putting me above the half million dollar earning rank. 

- Anthony Bellino, Nationally Ranked Professional High-Limit Poker Player.

Our highly personalized approach is based on you, your history, your life, your desired outcomes, and how your unique brain works. However, since we know this is probably all very new to you, here are a few examples from a menu of possible upgrades you can choose from:


Greater creativity
Increased associative abilities
Better Ideas
More expansive thinking



Enhanced Intuition
Greater ability to bond
Increased Emotional intelligence
Improved satisfaction and relaxation
Deeper emotional connections


Sleep better
Worry less
Relax deeper
Recover faster


Increased cognitive speed
Upgraded, faster, clearer thinking
Improved decision making
Faster recovery from stress
Greater access to Flow State


Faster recovery from stress
Quicker learning and skill integration
Upgraded grit and physical capacities
Higher pain thresholds
Increased response time
Greater access to being “In the Zone"







No matter which direction you take your own personal upgrades, all enhancement will improve the simple but profound experience of being more present, right here, right now. Our treatments universally help your brain achieve the flexibility to handle inner and outer environments in the ways best suited for the occasion. This reduces noise levels and distraction, allowing your brain to let go of the past and stay in the present moment.

A New York State of Mind

We know - you're busy! Who has time for a 10-day intensive?! You do, because we've designed this to fit inside of your daily grind. You'll visit our convenient Manhattan location two times each day for an hour-and-a-half session during each visit. Other than showing up your main job is deciding on how you want your brain, senses, and performance tuned up.


 Anxiety         Relaxation       Cognitive Speed        Satisfaction / Happiness         Athletic ability        Creativity              Memory


How Does This Magic Happen? 

At the opening of your Field experience you will go through a comprehensive intake process including the gathering of your psychodynamic history, core values, and desired outcomes. This will be followed by the gathering of personalized brain maps through qEEG as well as an elicitation of your at-best state. 

The intake process leads immediately to a treatment protocol aimed at establishing your ideal mental health, brain balance and overall performance optimization. 

Your treatment will include the most cutting-edge technology available applied by the world's leading experts in neuro-enhancement. The technology used is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, neurofeedback, neuromodulation via tCDS, photobiomodulation, the continued gathering of brain maps via qEEG, and consistent guidance and expert input from a trained neuropsychiatrist and a specialist in performance coaching and behavioral design. 

For more information about the technologies visit our FAQ page. 

Now Accepting Applications

Field is accepting a limited number of select participants for its upcoming June intensive. While many of our applicants are word-of-mouth referrals, we are happy to speak with those interested in taking their performance to new heights and experiencing the next level in optimization and wellness. 

The cost of the intensive is $20,000. 

To inquire or begin the application process, please fill out the contact form below and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.  Serious inquiries only, please.