As global pioneers in neuro-enhancement,
we welcome you to the world of brain optimization.

Field is dedicated to transforming the way our clients live. Our innovative and personalized application of cutting edge neuro-technology provides symptom resolution, cognitive enhancement, and overall optimization. 



Know Yourself Better

Your experience at Field is entirely personalized. It begins with our custom Know Yourself Better ReportTM, which is based on a comprehensive intake including quantitative EEG, and provides an overview and details on your brain and how it works. This report includes maps of your brain’s unique firing patterns as well as descriptions of what that means to you.


meet your brain

The patterns of your brainwaves tell a tale that is uniquely you. Your brain’s activity determines almost everything about what you do and how you feel. But what most people don’t know is that you have more personal control of your brain than you ever imagined. By taking advantage of neuroplasticity - your brain’s ability to change, you have the power to update your beliefs, emotional states, attitudes, and behaviors.


Based on your goals and your brain’s current and ideal states we design a personalized treatment protocol and begin. Using cutting-edge, non-invasive, FDA approved neuromodulation technology, at-home tech and more, our program will give you access to states of mind and body of which you'd never dreamed yourself capable. Then, we’ll help make those states your every day reality.

No matter which direction you take your own personal upgrades, all enhancement will improve the simple but profound experience of being more present, right here, right now. Our treatments universally help your brain achieve the flexibility to handle inner and outer environments in the ways best suited for the occasion. This reduces noise levels and distraction, allowing your brain to let go of the past and stay in the present moment.


As leaders in this technology-augmented approach to neuro-enhancement, we are intent on ensuring all-around excellence in the culture at Field, both for our team and our clients. 

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