As global pioneers in consciousness enhancement,
we welcome you to the world of brain optimization.

Field is a neuro-enhancement company dedicated to transforming the way our clients use themselves and their brains. Our innovative and personalized application of cutting edge neurotechnology will revolutionize everything you know about personal development and high performance. 




Your experience at Field is entirely personalized. We begin by creating a comprehensive model of you at your best as well as a deep understanding of your desired goals from the Field experience. This multi-dimensional assessment of who you are is complete with psychodynamic history, autonomic data, psychometrics, performance analysis, hormone and gene panels, and a qEEG reading of your brain.


Field's menu of optimization options further guide and direct the enhancement process. Options range from stress reduction to learning acceleration, improved executive functioning,increased sex drive, greater creativity, complete neurosomatic optimization, enhanced personal power, heightened awareness, expanded sense of self, improved transpersonal communication, and more.



Based on your goals and your brain’s current and ideal states we design an enhancement protocol and begin. Using cutting-edge neuromodulation technology, infra red photobio modulation, neuro -feedback, at-home tech and more, our program will give you access to states of mind and body of which you'd never dreamed yourself capable. Then, we’ll help make those states your every day reality.

A Better Tomorrow Starts In Your Brain.


As the world leaders in this technology-augmented approach to consciousness enhancement, we are intent on ensuring all-around excellence in the culture at Field, both for our team and our clients. 

We are work exclusively with superlative individuals interested in creating positive personal and global impact. The intention of Field is to vault these already remarkable clients into new domains of power, satisfaction, performance, and Flow.



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